Susan Lin

I'm available for hire.

For the first time, I'm opening availability for design consulting & start-up advising.

Why now?

Great question. First, I'm seeking new challenges. The work I do for Mintlodica® has reached a steady pace. Second, I'd like to strengthen my network! My current industry is very niche.

It seems like hiring in tech is still tough. Let's work together.

What I offer.

I'm a systems thinker with 12+ years of experience. Before starting my brand, I built Design Systems & Design Teams. Together, we shipped products millions have used via Cloudflare,, Trulia, & NASA.

I’m comfortable in complex industries and I'm not intimidated by a challenge.

How I can help.

End-to-End Product Design

It looks like we could better guide the user. We'll begin with a retrospective. I'll balance UX updates to fit your ambitions, tech stack, and business constraints. We'll lean on established patterns while refreshing visual hierarchy.

→ UX flows, Visual UI Design, Iconography

Building & Refining Design Systems

It seems like we could be more efficient. Every product already has patterns, let's define and strengthen what's there. I'll collaborate with the team right in your design and dev tools.

→ Design Docs, HTML/Sass

Future Proofing Design Thinking

It sounds like we could exercise our creative muscles. Let's make hiring easier. Everything I deliver will also include a vision for the future. Your hires will onboard into a team that gets designers.

→ Culture & Hiring Guides, Vision Decks

Design Advising

Should things go well... We can discuss my potential transition into Design Advisor. This includes regular check-ins and feedback as an expert who is already familiar with your product.

Let's work together!

Your team has a complex product that needs design thinking from a part-time expert.

We'll agree on a scope for an initial project spanning up to 2 quarters. I ask that there is 1 point person. They ensure the project is set-up for success within the company.

When we conclude you'll have design deliverables, documentation, and future proofed guidelines.

Contact Me

At this time, I'm considering remote friendly opportunities with friends or past co-workers thru 2023 Q1.

Let's chat: