I am currently not accepting new sketchnote inquiries. I create big scale watercolor painted notes. I can effectively sketch topics in User Experience, Design Process, Front-end Engineering, and Diversity. I've previously been hired to sketch AlterConf, Clarity, and Smashing Conf. I also offer the notes to speakers as gifts. Check out the full archive of sketchnotes.

My terms:

The works:


Previously I've sketched Smashing Conf, Clarity, AlterConf, XOXOfest, CSSconf, Interaction, and various local events.

Featured around the web:

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  • Testimonials

    "I loved working with Susan. Her sketchnotes captured the feel of AlterConf Portland so well and were beautiful. I highly recommend her work." —Ashe Dryden & the AlterConf staff

    Favorite Sketchnotes

    Featured above were some of my favorite sketchnotes across different topics. You can see the full archive on my sketchnotes subsite.