I am a Senior level Product Designer with 7 years of experience and a graduate MHCI degree from CMU. This is a selected history of work.

I have designed across platforms and especially feel at home on the web. My core contributions are user flows, experience maps, UI finesse, prototypes, seeing a design to ship, and owning the post-shipping follow-up for the UX. I have created and maintained Design Systems for both small and large teams in collaboration with fellow designers and engineers. I can write production worthy HTML and CSS/Sass as well as illustrate clean visual imagery. My contributions have shown demonstrable returns on investment.

Additionally, I am an active member of the global creative community. I have spent the past few years traveling far and often to create sketchnotes, give talks, and show artwork. I have mentored junior designers and high school students interested in the industry. I have coached fellow designers about design systems and Sass.

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Treehouse Product

I worked at Treehouse as a Product Designer. My work included integrating Techdegree into the consumer product (featured above), creating the business product onboarding experience, and designing an integrated learning motivation experience which made recommendations based on student habits and goals. I sketched, created flows, mock-ups, InVision prototypes, and implemented the HTML/Sass for my designs.

I also contributed two posts about the process for the Engineering team blog: Learning how to write again and The Surprising Parallels between Oil Painting and Product Design.

Treehouse Landing Pages

I worked on a variety of landing page designs for Treehouse. Designers were responsible for concepting, collaborating with stakeholders, designing, illustrating, and implementing the HTML/Sass for these pages. We deployed our own changes as well. Pages with A/B tests were templated in an internal tool which allowed the team to swap copy, illustrations, and photographs.

Featured above is the About page. I also worked on the Careers page, Homepage variations, 2015 Back to School campaign, Pricing page variations, Success Story campaigns, and Library previews.

Treehouse Illustrations

Treehouse's core brand featured a friendly illustration style. I contributed to and helped expand the illustration styleguide. I illustrated 100s of unique badges which were rewarded to students after completing a lesson. Each class had several lessons and the badges were designed to show progression. Additionally, I illustrated course assets used to make the learning experience more fun for Treehouse students. This included a peaceful night time coding scene, a coffee shop, donuts, icecream, and a Pomodoro app.

Design Play Conference

I am co-organizing a design anti-conference with Nikki Lee. We are collaborating on a schedule of activities for the weekend as well as the logistics and budgeting. I created the visual identity and illustrations, and implemented the responsive website.

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OpenTable Guest Center

I worked on OpenTable's restaurant products. Experience designers were responsible for design work across platforms: Web, mobile web, and iPad. I lead design on the reservation timeline as well as the Floor Plan Management beta website.

Blippy Mobile App

I worked with Blippy on their GIF collecting and sharing app. We iterated on the mobile interface and brand. I created and documented a visual design system. Blippy created one of the first GIF keyboards for iOS8 and was well loved by users in Japan.

Beyond Pricing

I worked with Beyond Pricing to create a brand, website, and design system. The design components were created to work as a reusable system as new features are built. Beyond Pricing secured Series A funding after my contributions.

A rave review of the brand:
"Airdna faces some stiff competition. [...] Beyond Pricing is one such product, and its slick beautiful design puts Airdna‚Äôs early 2000s look to shame." —Gigaom

Trulia Design System

I was a founder and maintainer on the core design systems team. We created a living CSS design system to establish and maintain a cohesive design language. The components were reusable in the front-end codebase. We collaborated with Nicole Sullivan and her team on the initial groundwork.

The design system was written in Sass using Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS) methodologies. The team built and open sourced Hologram a Ruby gem that generates a design system from your CSS comments.

I presented a talk about the design system and how design processes evolved based on this work.


I lead design on Trulia consumer products. With the design system, it became easier to prototype quickly. My contributions included leading design on Search, Home Detail Pages, data-driven Recommend Homes, Mobile Web, For Rent products, the Android app, and Lego themed shirts.

After the team refreshed Search using our CSS library:
"I like the direction that Trulia is taking its design. Deep-sixing that left rail of refiners is like a blast of fresh air across the page."
—1000watt blog


The Librarian is a fully responsive site I implemented that helps me keep track of the books I own. It is powered by a Google spreadsheet.

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Daily RSS Feed

Daily was a fully responsive stream page of RSS feeds I frequented. It was set as my homepage when I started up my browser. The project was designed from a sketch and then built right in the code. Due to how infrequently my feeds updated, I pulled the plug on Daily since it was running on a paid server.

View source on Github.


Sociallist was a social list and document writing service named with a silly pun. It was a major side project I had worked on with another person. I created the branding and iconography, and collaborated on the user flows and front-end code. It went through several iterations before development ceased.

NASA Design & Games

I interned and freelanced with NASA's education outreach team. Their goal was to inform and inspire the public about the James Webb Space Telescope. I illustrated art for 2 games Scope it out! and Build It Yourself: Satellite! I also made print designs which were seen on the set of The Big Bang Theory. It was an experience that set the tone for my entrance into the industry.

I had an opportunity later on to return to NASA and show an original watercolor at the Goddard Visitor Center!

Indie Games Creator

During college, I shipped an indie game every semester. The best of the bunch was Raincat — a 2D puzzle game where you keep the cat dry. The site I made to promote it has accrued over 16,000 views. It was a project that taught me how to share work online.