A selected history of work I've had a hand in designing and coding the user experience.


  • I'm not looking for design work.
  • I'll consider illustration commissions!
  • Treehouse

    I worked at Treehouse as a Product Designer on the design team. I had a hand in designing B2B products, consumer products, coding landing pages, illustrating course assets, and writing blog posts. Featured above is the Back to School 2015 marketing campaign.

    Guest Center

    I worked on OpenTable's restaurant products. Experience designers are responsible for design work across platforms: web, mobile web, and iPad. I lead design on the reservation timeline as well as the beta website.


    I worked with Blippy on their GIF collecting and sharing app. We iterated on the mobile interface and brand. Blippy created one of the first GIF keyboards for iOS8.

    Beyond Pricing

    I worked with Beyond Pricing to create a brand, website, and styleguide. The design components were created to work as a reusable system as new features are built. Beyond Pricing recently secured Series A funding.

    A rave review of the brand:
    "Airdna faces some stiff competition. [...] Beyond Pricing is one such product, and its slick beautiful design puts Airdna‚Äôs early 2000s look to shame." —Gigaom

    Trulia Styleguide

    I was a founder and maintainer on the core styleguide team. We created a living CSS styleguide to establish and maintain a cohesive design language. The components were reusable in the front-end codebase. We collaborated with Nicole Sullivan and her team on the initial groundwork.

    The styleguide was written in Sass using Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS) methodologies. The team built and open sourced Hologram a Ruby gem that generates a styleguide from your CSS comments.

    I presented a talk about the styleguide and how design processes evolved based on this work.


    I lead design on Trulia consumer products. With the styleguide, it became easier to prototype quickly. My contributions included leading design on Search, Home Detail Pages, data-driven Recommend Homes, Mobile Web, For Rent products, the Android app, and Lego themed shirts.

    After the team refreshed Search using our CSS library:
    "I like the direction that Trulia is taking its design. Deep-sixing that left rail of refiners is like a blast of fresh air across the page."
    —1000watt blog

    Side Project: Library

    The Librarian is a fully repsonsive site I implemented that helps me keep track of the books I own. It is powered by a Google spreadsheet.

    View source on Github.

    Side Project: Daily RSS Feed

    Daily is a fully responsive stream page of RSS feeds I frequented. It was set as my homepage when I started up my browser. The project was designed from a sketch and then built right in the code. Due to how infrequently my feeds updated, I pulled the plug on Daily.

    View source on Github.


    Old work that's interesting. I interned and freelanced with NASA's education outreach team who worked on the James Webb Space Telescope. I illustrated art for 2 games Scope it out! and Build It Yourself: Satellite! I also made print designs which were seen on the set of The Big Bang Theory. It was an experience that set the tone for my entrance into the industry.

    Indie Games

    Old work that's interesting. During college, I shipped an indie game every semester. The best of the bunch was Raincat — a 2D puzzle game where you keep the cat dry. The site I made to promote it has accrued over 16,000 views. It was a project that taught me how to share work online.