Hello World; Susan is a Product Designer who codes and an Artist, primarily painting in watercolor.

She currently designs at Automattic. Previously, she built styleguides in addition to user experiences at Treehouse, OpenTable, and Trulia. She studied HCI at Carnegie Mellon. She believes the best technology designers are able to code and push their own pixels. Her design ethos is to approach each solution as part of a living system.

She illustrates. You may have seen her sketchnotes. She paints many watercolor trees and sketches on the go. And most recently, she indulges in pixel art. She believes delibrate practice is the key to a successful art practice and has shown her work in several cities.


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I drafted, designed, and coded this bit of the internet. Yes, the landing page is fanart of Earthbound.

See the pixel artwork process.
View the source code on Github.