Susan is a Coding Designerd and Sketching Robot currently leading design at a start-up. More ↓

Consumer UX @ Trulia. I lead user experience on consumer facing products from conception, flow, visuals, to implementation. The List & Photo Search Results Page embodied the recently developed well received experience language. Search List was the pilot project for the OOCSS library. In addition to Search, I also supported the Rentals and Android teams.

Object Oriented CSS @ Trulia. I was a core member of the internal team which built the living style guide using Sass. The team released Hologram, a ruby gem that generates style guides from HTML comments. See an example style guide generated from Hologram.

Everywhere @ Self. I'm constantly immersed in a side or weekend freelance project. These are just some highlights from sketches to visual design to indie games and the occasional painting. For a more up-to-date log of what I'm working on, see sketch by susan.

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Designers venture into the world of Engineering. I spoke about the value of having a component library and the design process where it touches implementation, seeing your mocks to shipping. I argued that designers need to understand code to best communicate with the awesome people building who build our designs. The end goal isn't to replace our engineers, but to speak the medium's language.

This 15 minute deck was made for IXDASF on a night of Design Doing
Previously, I've spoken privately for a visual design studio class and on a Carnegie Mellon BXA alumni panel.

Susan Lin San Francisco

Coding Designerd, Sketching Robot

Once upon a time, Susan was a painter.

Then she fell in love with technology and the people who built it during her time at Carnegie Mellon.

Now she is leading design at a start-up. She believes designs are best created from knowing the medium.

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