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I started off focusing on UX Design and made my way onto the core team who built and maintained the living styleguide in OOCSS (Object Oriented CSS) at Trulia. With these experiences, I presented a talk to an audience.
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I'm spending the summer painting and taking a break from design.
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Designers venture into the world of Engineering. I spoke about the value of having a component library and the design process where it touches implementation, seeing your mocks to shipping. I argued that designers need to understand code to best communicate with the awesome people building who build our designs. The end goal isn't to replace our engineers, but to speak the medium's language.

This deck was made for IXDASF on a night of Design Doing.

Other Speaking Experience —
  1. Thoughtbot Prodcut Design series
  2. Academy of Arts visual design studio class
  3. Carnegie Mellon BXA alumni panel

I'm interested in giving more talks about style guides, CSS, or how paintings has informed my design process.
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These are a few recent snapshots from the paintings I'm doing this summer. Check out my full Art Portfolio and my latest watercolor keynote project with designer Jon Bell. Currently accepting paintings projects for the summer.
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I started sketchnoting as a means to engage. It blossomed into a powerful vehicle to meet fantastic folks while giving back. My Interaction '13 sketchnotes and CSSConf sketchnotes are featured on The Sketchnote Army. I'm open to collaborate formally on visual notes for your event.
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Susan Lin Coding Designerd, Sketching Robot

Susan is a Visual UX Designer who codes. She strongly believes in knowing the medium. She is a Carnegie Mellon MHCI alum.

Susan also draws. You may know her for sketchnoting at events or watercolor paintings. Miyazaki inspires her like no other.

Her hair is currently teal blue green.

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